Handwriting Without Tears

Parent Resources: Handwriting Without Tears

At Children’s Therapy Solution’s we offer handwriting instruction by an occupational therapist trained in the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) program. This award-winning program was developed by Occupational Therapists and it is the only developmentally-based curriculum on the market.

Easily modified for all skill levels, it uses a multi-sensory approach that allows for fun and hands on learning. This curriculum covers pre-handwriting readiness for children in Pre-K, and handwriting skills for children in kindergarten to 5th grade, with cursive instruction for grades 3rd-5th.

A comprehensive handwriting assessment can be administered for children kindergarten to 5th grade. It scores all handwriting components including letter/number memory, orientation, start, sequence, size, placement, and spacing.

For more information on Handwriting Without Tears visit: https://www.lwtears.com/hwt/details