The Women’s Center Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Services at CTS

Meet Our Staff

●    Lauren Geraldson, PT, DPT

●    Kelly Zaprzal, PT, DPT


Services at The Women’s Center:

●    Completing comprehensive pelvic floor evaluations to help patients achieve their goals

●    Individualized programs for optimal pelvic floor function

●    Management of acute/chronic pelvic floor conditions to improve quality of life

●    Pain/dysfunction management and improved activity tolerance

●   Focus on developing a strong relationship with our patients through o​pen communication​ – follow-up appointments, phone calls, texting, or email (depending on caregiver preference)


The Women’s Center provides services focusing on:

●    QUALITY: Providing the highest quality of care through evidence-based therapy and the best safety practices.

●    COMPASSION + RESPECT: Treating our caregivers and clients like family.

●    EMPATHY: Being attentive to our caregivers and client’s thoughts and feelings.

●    EXCELLENCE: Pursuing excellence through continuous learning.

Contact us!

Lauren Geraldson, PT, DPT and Kelly Zaprzal, PT, DPT, are available by appointment to any woman for in-clinic pelvic floor consultations. Their office is located at The Women’s Center at Children’s Therapy Solutions. The Women’s Center offers support, supplies, and education to women with a wide variety of pelvic floor disorders.

Please call (941)745-5111 to schedule an appointment.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

PT helps with:

○    Pelvic/vaginal pain

○    Dyspareunia (pain with intercourse)

○    Urinary/fecal incontinence, frequency, or urgency

○    Vaginismus

○    Vulvar pain

○    Pelvic organ prolapse

○    Dysmenorrhea

○    Interstitial Cystitis

○    Hip abdomen, thigh, or buttock pain

○    Constipation

○    Pre/post-op pelvic floor disorders

○    Pudendal neuralgia

○    Sacroiliac joint pain

○    Pubic bone pain

Available treatments:

○    Biofeedback

○    Electrical stimulation

○    Scar tissue mobilization

○    Manual therapy

○    Soft tissue mobilization/myofascial release

○    Trigger point release

○    Activity modification

○    Body mechanics training

○    Breathing/relaxation techniques

○    Postural retraining

○    Bladder retraining techniques

○    Core and pelvic floor strengthening

○    Joint mobilizations

○    Lifestyle/behavioral modifications

○    Positioning and exercise for prolapse management