Thank you for all the help you have provided to Collins. Although she has only been in therapy for a short time, the improvement we have seen in her speech, OT and eating habits is amazing. The staff at CTS is helpful, friendly and we're glad we found you! THANKS!!!
Chelsea & Cody Oelker, Holmes Beach, FL
CTS has been a blessing in our child's development. She has been attending CTS for about 8 months now and the progress of her therapy has been beyond impressive. Her OT therapists, Cara, her PT therapist, Jessica, and more recently her speech therapist, Morgan, are all amazing. Each of her therapists are caring and display the love they have in helping children on a daily basis. I cannot say enough good things when it comes to our daughter's therapists. We truly look forward to our therapy appointments every week!
Jessica Cortes, Bradenton, FL
"I am overly impressed with the care and dedication all the therapists take to meet and exceed the goals of each client, they are very personable and make sure the parents are maintained within the care plans. I would recommend this facility to any parent in need of services"
Paul Lizura, Bradenton, FL
Ms. Jordan was far and away the best part of Charlotte's Friday. She looked forward to seeing her each week, and we are sad to see her go now that Charlotte has graduated. Charlotte's speech has exploded. When we started working with Ms. Jordan Charlotte didn't say "momma" (18 months). A year later, she chatters nonstop. Thanks so much Ms. Jordan!
Anonymous , Bradenton, FL
William really connects with Mr. Juan and trusts him to push him past his old limitations in OT. He is very willing to try new things in OT and has so much pride when he accomplishes them. William's handwriting has also come a long way in just a short time.
Katie Dutie, Bradenton, FL
We have been coming here for 2 years. I have had 2 of my children that needed help in speech, OT, and Chew Therapy. My youngest who has had the most challenges is now doing wonderfully. The therapist that has worked with my youngest has been the best. We have been most fortunate to find Children's Therapy Solutions. Great staff! Their dedication is outstanding.
Patty, Bradenton, FL
My son had received therapy from these wonderful therapists. OT, PT, ST...I love how professional, happy, enthusiastic, and sweet they are. I feel so blessed and glad to know this beautiful crew. Office is so comfortable and full of toys that are tools use for the children to success and reach their goals.
Laura Game, Bradenton, FL
Zaidan has been improving so much. He loves coming here and all of his therapists.
Jennifer North, Bradenton, FL
Before CTS Benjamin would play with no direction and was not talking. Now he will sit and play while paying attention, respond with words to questions about which toy to play with, and his imaginative play is blossoming. It's truly marvelous to see. Thank you!
Michelle Guerrero, Bradenton, FL
Children's Therapy has been so great for Gabriel he has made great progress here, slowly but I can definitely see little improvements with him. I think he has improved with coordination motor skills very well as well as with numbers or trying to play with toys now.
Paula Serrano, Bradenton, FL
Since Adrian has been coming I have noticed a change in his spoken language. Adrian's improving at making letter-sounds and saying words better. You guys have helped him out a lot. We look forward to coming here.
Susan Szczepanski, Bradenton, FL
My daughter has received Speech and Occupational Therapy at CTS, I would (and do!) recommend them to anyone who has a child in need of these services. Their staff is always friendly and professional, and the therapists often think outside the box for solutions to behavioral issues. Many of the therapists there have had a huge impact on my daughter's progress over the years, she's come a long way with their help!
Theresa Seibel Emans, Bradenton, FL
Ever since my son started to receive services from Children's Therapy Solutions, his learning capabilities have improved. Out of nowhere he was able to write and read which was an area he was struggling in. I would definitely recommend CTS to any parent who's child is in need of their services!
Anonymous Parent, Bradenton, FL
Michaela White and Cara Jackson are amazing! The combination has been great and I look forward to see where he will be in a few years. These ladies are amazing at what they do.
Anonymous Parent, Bradenton, FL
When Bryce started here at a year and a half old he only could say mama and dada. Short 6 months later he was repeating more words, coming out of his shell at daycare, and made friends. The staff is patient with him and explains everything to me and other family members when they fill in. I couldn't be more happy with the decision to choose Children's Therapy Solutions. 
Amanda Soto, Bradenton, FL