About Us

Children’s Therapy Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2004 and is owned and operated by Kathy White, MRC, LMHC, Lena Thoresen, OTR/L and Megan Halliday, MS, OTR/L.


Children’s Therapy Solutions, Inc. was founded on two core principles: To provide quality services to children and families in a caring and supportive environment; and to create a great work environment where professional therapists are supported and empowered to focus their energy on providing excellent therapy. 


Children’s Therapy Solutions, Inc. offers occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychology, and mental health counseling services to children and families.


Sixteen years after its inception, Children’s Therapy Solutions, Inc. continues to operate on its two core principles, and is continuously expanding to meet the needs of our community. With a team of over fifty therapists working in both clinical and school settings, they offer a variety of specialty services including bilingual therapy. Beginning in 2020, teletherapy services have been added to support families safely during Covid-19. 


The Children’s Therapy Solutions, Inc. staff have a heart for people, they make a difference every day. Weaved into the fabric of their existence is kindness, compassion and professionalism, while providing excellent, specialized care.