“It was truly a pleasure to be able to come to Children’s Therapy Solutions and get help for my son. The ladies worked very hard and accomplished the task of getting my son on the right track. I am very thankful for the service that you all have provided. I will recommend Children’s Therapy Solutions to everyone I may meet with the need for this type of services.”
- Stawania Heaven
“Zaidan has been improving so much. He loves coming here and all of his therapists.”
 - Jennifer North
“CTS has been a blessing in our child's development. She has been attending CTS for about 8 months now and the progress of her therapy has been beyond impressive. Her OT therapists, Cara, her PT therapist, Jessica, and more recently her speech therapist, Morgan, are all amazing. Each of her therapists are caring and display the love they have in helping children on a daily basis. I cannot say enough good things when it comes to our daughter's therapists. We truly look forward to our therapy appointments every week!”
- Jessica Cortes 
“We love CTS! Our youngest daughter, Emersyn, had numerous speech errors and in the midst of busy life, initially, speech therapy just seemed like “one more thing on our plate.” CTS made speech easy for us and FUN for Emmy. She always LOVED seeing and working with Mrs. Debbie. When COVID hit, CTS made it easy to transition to zoom speech sessions, which Emmy did great with and we actually preferred, as it eliminated a drive across town once a week! After only 2 years, our Emmy has officially met her goals and is thriving in and out of school. Family and friends are amazed at her quick progress, and it is truly incredible to look back at “before” videos, to a time when only her big sister could understand her (and thankfully translate for us)! I’ll post a “before” and “after” video. Officially being discharged from CTS is the epitome of “bittersweet.” We love this organization and will miss it and Mrs. Debbie dearly. What started out as “just one more thing on our plate,” will now always hold a very special place in our hearts.”
- Danielle Monroe
“My child can communicate better with us. He can be more independent at home with dressing himself, his grip of a pencil has improved as well as speaking in complete sentences. You guys provide amazing services they make a difference in kids lives, everything is perfect.”
- Anonymous Parent
“Love it, my son progresses every day. I see a change every session we go to, and I recommend this place to everybody. Such a friendly environment and educational.”
- Gladys Arisved Garza
“Before CTS Benjamin would play with no direction and was not talking. Now he will sit and play while paying attention, respond with words to questions about which toy to play with, and his imaginative play is blossoming. It's truly marvelous to see. Thank you!”
- Michelle Guerrero
“Lena and all her staff are the most dedicated, talented, and compassionate professionals I know. I've never seen any of them give anything but 100 percent. It's their life and passion to help every child in need. God bless the difference they make.”
- Anonymous Parent
“We absolutely love Children's Therapy Solutions!" All the therapists are creative, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would definitely recommend Children's Therapy Solutions!”
- Jessica Case
“My granddaughter was NOT communicating with us at home. Once starting speech therapy with Erin she was practicing and talking a lot. She has improved in school and in making friends.”
- Anonymous Parent
“You guys are amazing. The therapists are very professional. I am so thankful for all of your dedication and hard work.”
- Yadira Almazan
“Elliot loves Ms. Sarah and Ms. Danielle and is so much more confident in his abilities and who he is.”
- Anonymous Parent
"We have been coming here for over a year and have had great therapists every time. My son is challenged and enjoys coming. Communication between me and our therapists is the best- I get "homework" that is easy to incorporate at home. Office is clean and the wait isn't long."
- Haley Venerdi
“We have been coming here for 2 years. I have had 2 of my children that needed help in speech, OT, and Chew Therapy. My youngest who has had the most challenges is now doing wonderfully. The therapist that has worked with my youngest has been the best. We have been most fortunate to find Children's Therapy Solutions. Great staff! Their dedication is outstanding.”      
- Patty, Bradenton, FL
“Fantastic place for children's therapy!! I could not say enough Thanks Yous to this staff, Cara has helped one of my sons in such a short amount of time with his OT needs. Sara, Kate, Elenora, and Juan have helped my ASD son with so much over the last two years that we have been coming here. Lena, Haley and all the office staff have been amazing in help with insurance, and getting the reports that we need to communicate with my children's schools and make sure everyone is on the same page!!  Again, Thank you so very much you have made such a wonderful impact in my children's futures!”
- Kristin M 
“Children’s Therapy Solutions is a great “one stop shop” for many different therapies. My daughter will be 4 next month and we have been with them since she was 9 months old and continue to be very happy with them! My daughter has many issues from a rough, pre term birth and they have made a huge, positive impact in our lives; especially through Occupational Therapy! Ms. Heather is hands down the best!! We had no idea what our path would become or how important OT and Ms. Heather would be in our lives. She goes far beyond what she is “required” as a therapist and truly cares about each and every child that becomes one of her own. Her kind, calm personality, intelligence, big heart, and helping/loving nature is something you can’t be taught! Who she is makes her shine even more in this profession and anyone that has worked with her knows what I’m talking about! We’ve also had two incredible Speech therapists (Ms. Kait & Ms. Sarah) who are both incredible as well! Kelly and Jess with Physical Therapy have been great and spot on with my daughters needs and we can’t wait to start treatments with them both! You cannot go wrong at CTS!! From the amazing office staff to the Co-owner Lena herself. They have all been so friendly, helpful, and caring when it comes to my daughters care!!! Thank you all for the huge impacts you continue to make in our lives!!” 
- Lindsay Cruz
“When your child learns to, speak in full sentences, express his feelings verbally, grasp a writing utensil properly, able to eat certain textures without vomiting, 
and so on. To some it may seem insignificant but to those that know the challenge it is monumental.”
- Valentina Sanchez 
“Highly recommended! The therapists have been miracle workers with my oldest and how they are also working with my 8 month old. Miss Alyssa is my daughter Annabelle's speech therapist. She is the first therapist she met and she fell in love with her demeanor. My daughter loves this place. She couldn't sit still for more than a minute when she began therapy. Now she can complete tasks and follows directions.”
- Sarah Fazioli
“CTS Is so awesome! They are absolutely great with my kids. They are flexible, professional, kind, and trained in so many areas. My kids have gone and go for feeding, OT, and speech. They will always do their best to suit each child with someone they are comfortable with. I really appreciate all the work they do. They keep you informed of the progress being made and work with you so you can do the same at home.”
- Norma Velazquez
“Children’s Therapy Solutions has done wonders for my son! Very great staff who work on accomplishing goals, and creating a fun safe environment. If you need any kind of children therapy, children’s therapy solutions is your place!”
- Annai Santana 
“I would absolutely recommend this place is "top notch" in my book. Fantastic therapist, each one takes pride in helping children.”
- Vallerie Cascadden 
“The therapists are all very kind & knowledgeable! Our 3 year old loves her therapy days! Would definitely recommend!”
- Billy and Taran Brisson 
“I have had a great experience here. My son received speech mostly with Ms. Jordan and OT with Ms. Eleonora for about 1 year and has made great progress. Ms. Jordan was wonderful with my son she really understood him and always found new ways to keep him engaged she also kept me well informed and provided tips to do at home which really worked. Ms. Eleonora was very sweet and patient and my son who usually doesn't like to go with people other than family felt very comfortable and would leave me to go with her. Everyone has noticed how much my son has improved in such a small time I would def recommend CTS.”
- Jessica Vega
“My son has started speech at CTS and it has been a great experience. We have noticed improvement in a short amount of time. He works with two different therapists and they are both compassionate and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this facility.”
­- Trynne Pescuma 
“My son has been going to Children’s Therapy Solutions since early 2018. My husband and I, his school teachers and our family and friends have all noticed what a huge improvement in his speech and his fine motor skills! His speech therapists are wonderful and each morning he is super excited to see them and ask for them by name! He loves the sensory gym and playing with his occupational therapists. He started therapy when he was younger hoping that early intervention would pay off and I have to say it has been 100% worth it!! The entire staff has been so friendly and everyone knows him by name. After learning and experiencing Speech and OT therapy, I truly believe EVERY child can benefit no matter their ability!! And Children’s Therapy Solutions is the place to be.”
- Kealey Lampton
“We have been going to children's therapy solutions for speech and OT for about a year and half. Our son has made so much progress! We are always greeted by everyone with a smile! All of the therapists that we have worked with are so patient and loving! We are grateful to have found such an amazing place with special people. Children's Therapy Solutions will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you!”
- Mary Kate Cerven 
“I've been taking my daughter for OT for over 5 months to CTS and I'm really pleased with this facility. They make therapy so much fun for the children and the therapists are so caring. I'm really impressed with their sensory gym. As a result, my daughter is blossoming and making such great progress!”
- Laura Johnson Macfarlane 
“My daughter has received Speech and Occupational Therapy at CTS, I would (and do!)  recommend them to anyone who has a child in need of these services. Their staff is always friendly and professional, and the therapists often think outside the box for solutions to behavioral issues. Many of the therapists there have had a huge impact on my daughter's progress over the years, she's come a long way with their help!”
-Theresa Seibel Emans 
This place is great! It’s been super helpful knowing that my kids are getting the best therapy in the area. My kids love going to therapy and get excited as we pull in the parking lot. Great staff, great solutions, great overall experience!
-Tim Shaughnessy
Children’s Therapy Solutions is an amazing group of therapists that provide a variety of different therapies all in one location. The therapists are very professional and they really care deeply about the kids. Children’s therapy Solutions does not only provide outstanding therapy but they also support and participate in many community activities. I recommend them often!!
-Karen Spisak
“The last 2 years have been amazing as I have watched my now 2 ½-year-old daughter grow and overcome her challenges with Brachial Plexus (Left arm), toe walking, and some sensory concerns to name a few. But moving to Florida a year ago and working with Ava’s therapist at Children's Therapy Solutions has made the transition very easy. Samantha St. Pierre, Jennifer Brandon, and Cara Jackson all make life easy as I now have the small challenge of doing therapy in my home as the therapist provides pointer and oversees me via teletherapy. All of my daughter’s therapist didn’t hesitate when I ask them for the activities they plan to do in advance so that I can prepare for the session ahead of time or provided me with things to try when things came up over the weekend. So Thank you, Children’s Therapy Solutions for making it easy to manage even though 2020 was a rough year.”
-Natasha R. Parkes
"I really appreciate the time, effort, support and professionalism to give my son language therapy." 
-Sandra Martinez
"My son mostly loves doing his therapy every week. I am not going to lie it has been harder on him with teletherapy, but he seems to be doing well. He loves interacting with his therapists and we make sure to always get on because it helps him so much. He has come so far since he started therapy. We started out hardly knowing what he was saying and using signs to help him, but now he is now so much more intelligible and has learned so much!!  I love how caring all the staff is. They are always understanding and work amazing with my son! We have never had any issues and he has always loved it! Even in the beginning when he was having transitioning issues Whitney was so understanding and patient with him we really appreciated that and now they have formed an amazing bond and I couldn't be happier!" 
- Brittany Gendreau
“Seeing the progress my child has made on teletherapy since he started is the best motivation. He genuinely loves the therapists he has and gets excited to see them every week. He knows them and even if it’s not always perfect because he’d prefer to be there in person, it is worth it because he’s still keeping up with what he needs to be learning.
CTS has truly changed our lives. Miss Cait, Miss Jess and Mrs. Jenn have become like our family. I’ll never be able to thank them for what they have done for Seamus. They have never judged us or shown any frustration or impatience towards us. They are very professional as well as genuine. I was terrified of putting my child in therapy cause I thought it meant I did something wrong as a parent. It is the best decision I’ve ever made, and the therapists and everyone in the office has been nothing but comforting and professional. Even if the clinic doesn’t reopen any time soon, we will continue with the teletherapy because of the progress and the therapists”
- Alicia L.
“I am motivated to connect on teletherapy every week knowing that each session is dedicated to helping my child reach the goals we have set for him. He has reached numerous goals at CTS and we continue to see the progress at home and at school! One specific goal we had in the beginning was addressing how my child socialized with other kids. He knew how to make friends but couldn’t keep them. Being able to have dedicated sessions of role modeling has helped him a lot.  Another huge goal we have seen progress in is his impulse control. He has been more in control of his body than ever before! I love the therapist. Every one we have had has been amazing, on point and able to handle my child through his toughest moments.”
- Kayla Pronesti
“The motivation for me, as a parent, to connect on teletherapy with my daughter’s therapists weekly is the convenience of meeting from our home.  Teletherapy is easy to use through Zoom especially during a pandemic.  I hope that parents will always have this option because there is absolutely no excuse to not meet weekly with your child’s therapists.  The ability to connect with the therapists from home keeps a routine to practice skills that help your child achieve their goals.  
While receiving services, I have seen my daughter, Tori, achieve many goals. She has grown throughout the years of doing therapy.  By keeping a routine to practice skills that help her continue her goals through many arts and crafts projects. Not only does she enjoy making things, for me, but is proud to have her craft projects displayed throughout the house.  Children’s Therapy Solutions, means so much to me and my daughter.  All the therapists and staff love and believe the best for your child.  Therapy has instilled more faith and confidence to not give up. The therapists believe in your child and so do their parents who value the time spent doing therapies.”
- Wendi Rudge
“My children and I have never had any issues with the staff, or scheduling. Everyone is polite, and kind to my children. I’ve seen a difference in them in a short period of time. I would recommend this place to other parents.”
- Alexandria Nicole
“Highly recommend Children's Therapy Solutions for any types of service they offer. I can specifically speak to the Occupational Therapists we worked with and they were exceptional. My son (ADHD) showed VAST improvement and he loved his OT sessions. If your child is in need, I highly recommend using these services, both you and your child won't be sorry!”
- Brandi Power
“Both my daughters have gone to Children's Therapy Solutions. The staff was knowledge and helpful with both my daughters from feeding therapy to speech. They took the time to give me activities to work with both my daughters at home also. I am very grateful to them for helping my girls.”
- Susan Grabber
“Very pleased with Children's Therapy Solutions!! They TRULY evaluated my daughter and found areas she could improve on, not just speech. I along with friends and family are noticing such a change in my daughters speech and behavior patterns and I could not be more thankful to Ms. Megan and staff! They have worked in finding an appointment that will work best with my work schedule, and daughters school hours. All around they are a great group of people!
Thank you Children's Therapy Solutions for all that you do!!”
- Nina Sexton
“I can't recommend this office enough for all the therapy a special needs child could have. My daughter worked with speech and occupational and it was a tremendous help. The office works with you (you DO have to work with them too -- it isn't a one way street). Therapy is only good if you apply it consistently at home. The staff if professional, loving and supportive.”
-  Jeanne Viviani
“I have taken my daughter here for more than 8 years .We love the staff .My daughter is a very high strong special needs child . They go above and beyond to work with my child and make sure she is receiving the therapy she needs.  I would not take my children anywhere else.I have also taken numerous foster children here and have never had a problem.”
- Anonymous parent
“My son is seen by Cara for his sensory processing difficulties. She does such a great job with him! This is a great facility, with a huge sensory gym and private class rooms.”
- Leslie Coker
“As a parent it is extremely difficult to watch your child struggle and not be able to help them. I always thought we had pretty good insurance but when it came to finding a facility that was willing to help us and work with our insurance we were told we would have to pay out of pocket or there was a 6 month waiting list. When I called and explained my situation to Children's Therapy Solutions I felt very welcomed and assured that everything would be fine and they were able to get me in for an evaluation the following week.
My son has been going to occupational therapy with Mrs Barb and Ms Megan for the past three months and I can't believe how much improvement I have seen already. Mrs Barb has a heart of gold and so much patience for my son. Things that use to be very difficult for him are getting better and better each week between therapy and the exercises she gives us to do at home. Ms Megan works with him on introducing different foods and textures and I have noticed a tremendous increase in the number of foods he can now tolerate.
The staff at Children's Therapy Solutions have been amazing in working with us to find the best therapy options for my son. If you are looking for a place that actually cares about what they do and the families they help I would highly recommend them. Thank you Mrs Barb and Ms Megan for all you do and continue to do!”
- Amanda Kelly
“Very supportive and very eager to work with my schedule. My son really looks forward to coming to therapy here.”
- Carmen Wiersema
“I had the pleasure of completing my Fieldwork Level II experience at CTS. I have not only gained a wealth of knowledge, but I feel that I have also gained lifelong mentors and friends who truly care about giving back to the profession! I can’t recommend their services enough.”
- Mallory Waldinger
My daughter has been going here for almost 5 years now. She has autism and WAS non-verbal and had many sensory issues. Thanks to the dedication and love given by her therapists and their support staff, she is no longer non-verbal and her meltdowns are gone. This place puts the kids and their needs first. My daughter will continue to go here for as long as possible. Words really can't express how grateful I am that I was referred to Children's Therapy Solutions. They offer so much more than just therapy. They offer love, support and encouragement for the parents as well.
- Paula Lewis
I can't recommend this office enough for all the therapy a special needs child could have. My daughter worked with speech and occupational and it was a tremendous help. The office works with you (you DO have to work with them too -- it isn't a one way street). Therapy is only good if you apply it consistently at home. The staff if professional, loving and supportive.
- Jeanne Marie Viviani
We love this place! As a mom to four and foster mom to others, my life can be absolutely crazy often times! The truly loving and wonderful ladies at children's therapy solutions have spent the last two years working with our family on various fronts...often scheduling and rescheduling trying to accommodate me. I would definitely say I have gone beyond the call of duty with my family and always with an understanding smile.
From day one, we have felt like we were welcomed into a family instead of a stuffy medical facility. On some of the hardest days, we have found therapists and other families who we could lean on for support and advice in the waiting area. I have come to appreciate walking through all of these issues with others as it seems to make it all a little more bearable.
I have multiple children seeing the therapists here and all have been great with them! Barb, Jessica, Megan, and others have worked for months with one of my little ones who had a very rough start in life. He has come leaps and bounds...so far that you would never think he started out where he did. Others have worked with one of my older children dealing with meltdowns over sensory issues. Already in just a few weeks I am seeing major changes with her.
I am so thankful for them and their tireless work because I see the results every day. I cannot recommend them enough if you are someone who really desires results and change for your kids and your family. Sometimes admitting you need help and being willing to accept advices given can be hard because it requires us to step up and change, but I have been able to do so with grace thanks to children's therapy solutions
- Danielle Wright
“I love this place wonder staff best place in the world to take your child”
- Joanna Donisi
“I recommend Children's Therapy Solutions to anyone I meet who has a child that needs services like Speech, Physical or Occupational Therapy. Because in my opinion they go above and beyond to help kids who need it and are there to make a difference in the lives of children.
My daughter has been receiving therapy services from CTS for some time now for a lifelong diagnosis. She has made great progress in her time with them. Back when we started it was out of convenience, while other places had months long waiting lists for services, CTS was able to work her in to prevent further losses in skills while we waited. But once we got started it was clear there was no reason to go anywhere else! Even through the trials of growing the practice to be able to serve more children, in better ways with excellent, fun equipment, we always felt like were the priority.
When circumstances beyond our control had us unable to secure insurance for our daughter at a crucial time in her need for therapy, they worked with Manatee Hope to ensure that we could still get the therapy she desperately needed.
Ms. Jordan was far and away the best part of Charlotte's Friday. She looked forward to seeing her each week, and we are sad to see her go now that Charlotte has graduated. Charlotte's speech has exploded. When we started working with Ms. Jordan Charlotte didn't say "momma" (18 months). A year later, she chatters nonstop. Thanks so much Ms. Jordan!”
- Anonymous Parent
“My son had received therapy from these wonderful therapists. OT, PT, ST...I love how professional, happy, enthusiastic, and sweet they are. I feel so blessed and glad to know this beautiful crew. Office is so comfortable and full of toys that are tools use for the children to success and reach their goals.”
- Laura Game
“Great place so nice and friendly with kids and helps them where they need it”
- Carrie E. Olson
"I am overly impressed with the care and dedication all the therapists take to meet and exceed the goals of each client, they are very personable and make sure the parents are maintained within the care plans. I would recommend this facility to any parent in need of services"
- Paul Lizura
“When Bryce started here at a year and a half old he only could say mama and dada. Short 6 months later he was repeating more words, coming out of his shell at daycare, and made friends. The staff is patient with him and explains everything to me and other family members when they fill in. I couldn't be more happy with the decision to choose Children's Therapy Solutions.”
- Amanda Soto
“Thank you for all the help you have provided to Collins. Although she has only been in therapy for a short time, the improvement we have seen in her speech, OT and eating habits is amazing. The staff at CTS is helpful, friendly and we're glad we found you! THANKS!!!”
- Chelsea & Cody Oelker
“In only 6 months, the growth in Alex has been tremendous. Thank you for giving us the "tools" to continue his success at home. Both boys, Alex and Micah enjoy working with your wonderful staff! Thank you for your dedication and kindness.”
- Kara Foster-Gurrola